Will You Get A Job For Sure After PMP Certification?

Acquiring more experience and more qualifications is part of the high paid job. Different people have different expectations regarding their position. Some would like to sustain a work-life balance; some would like an increased level of satisfaction, while others like to maintain an adaptable hierarchy of payment. Specifically, the management learners who will land up getting managerial jobs in reputed multinational companies should be conscious of the tight competition that they need to encounter in the current corporate world.

It won’t be easy to keep up on par with the dynamic changes and expectations that are going on in the market. Most of the employees are stuck in the same position without increment or promotion as they are unable to satisfy the extreme standards required by the industry.

PMP: Definition

Hence, several courses and curricula have been organized for working professionals as well, so that even they can get more insights about the current updates that have been appearing in their profiles. Such courses have the apparent purpose of bringing in the prospect of promotion and also increment higher by molding you as an industry expert.

Nonetheless, the real motto of all such certifications or classes is also to improve the efficiency of the organizational growth and business trade that helps the institution or business. One such certification which has been gaining popularity among employees and employers alike due to its astonishing result and benefit is PMP certification or Project Management Professional Certification. Also, before knowing the prospect of the job and career that it brings, one must first understand the concept of a Project Management Professional career.

Eligibility Criteria

PMP certification is the designation that is provided by PMI (Project Management Institute) which is recognized globally. The course is designed specifically for professionals who are in the area of Project Management. It is not for students and freshers. You can get the course exclusively if you hold the required experience in managing the projects in your company. Before you apply for the role, you should learn about the criteria required for the minimum fitness of the course. Hence, take a brief glimpse at the eligibility of the course:

● You are required to have four years of undergraduate degree. It has to be in the field of management. If the management degree is of three years in your country, then it won’t be an issue. The main aim will be to do a primary check regarding the foundation of a career in management.
● Here comes the major criteria. Candidates who are applying for this certification have to be associated with any company and must have three years of relevant experience at least in the area of managing the project tasks. Within those three years, 4,500 hours at least have to be invested directly in directing the project. Also, you should have a training or short-term course of 35 hours minimum on education related to project management.

PMP and Career

Hence, you can see now that the PMP certification has been primarily designed for those candidates who have been full-time project managers already. Therefore, rather than helping you in getting the job, PMP helps you in assuring your career and also future job opportunities in some higher roles than where you are presently working. According to this, you can directly take a glance at the advantages offered by it to make your CV a favorite of every employer.

Firstly, getting a course in the project management field will enable you to get high-paying employment in the reputed corporate sectors. Getting a professional certification such as PMP will be like holding the crown on your CV. When you present your CV, you will be given more importance by highlighting than the other candidates who have come off for the interview.

Secondly, having a specialization in a selective field boosts the chances of having your wanted job in that specific field itself. You don’t have to look for different alternatives and tire yourself. Rather, you can concentrate on a single standpoint and then give your best wholly to it.

Thirdly, you will get a chance to link with all the PMP-certified professionals globally and can become part of talented and ever-growing project managers all over the world. Also, you will be able to exchange your perspectives and ideas with other certified professionals from various regions of the world. In turn, you will be enhanced with all the knowledge and management scenarios that are in the other piece of the world. Also, if you are very ambitious after getting certified and willing to do a job change, then you can take the suggestions from them to understand more about the current job openings all over the world.

Lastly, of course, the vital one is that there will be a salary increment once you get the PMP certification. The PMP-certified professionals possess much more knowledge and are confident enough in handling critical projects when compared to their non-PMP peers. When your boss finds out that your specialized proficiency has been benefiting the company in providing maximum profit in a short period, then he/she will surely consider your increment or promotion plea. Which organization doesn’t like to retain its best employee after all?

To explain what was said in the last point about the expansion of a business organization, the case study was carried out on an esteemed IT company to enhance the efficiency related to the operations of various hierarchies. To improve the efficacy of the finished outcomes and for the completion of targeted tasks quicker garnering the maximum profit, the management realized that they have to go for thorough grass-root level improvisation. The management gathered the employees who handled the company’s project and then gave them the required training in project management and chose 200 employees among those to enroll in PMP certification. Just in three years, an extreme change was seen.

It goes as follows:

  • Management improvement was 90 percent.
  • Professionalism development was 73 percent.
  • The Office of Project Management’s efficiency was 80 percent.
  • The management insight was 67 percent.

Evaluating the above-mentioned points, the organization garnered a U-turn of almost twice the anticipated within the minimum time gaining both business improvement and employee satisfaction.

Therefore, PMP certification has to be embraced by every organization. If the organization doesn’t provide the certification, then you can register online by yourself if you are eligible.