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Please use the FAQs to get answers for some common queries. You can also contact us below for unresolved questions and we will be happy to assist.

My application got selected for random audit. What to do now?2023-12-18T16:45:40+05:30

Please don’t worry, PMI Application audit process is completely random process and its a very old process. They only ask for some basic information which can help them identify if the details submitted by the applicant is authentic or not. After you submit those details, they will approve your application.

  • 3 Details they will ask to update:
    • Academic Education (Copy of your Degree – Document needs to be uploaded)
    • Professional Education (Copy of your Training Certificate – Document needs to be uploaded)
    • Generic Project Experience Reference (Provide name and email id for a reference that can validate your professional experience for each project.)
  • Once you submit, following details, PMI will send one email to your project reference email id with your application content. Your project referance person has to digitally sign the content of your project application. The moment they sign it, your audit process gets completed. Max time allowed to complete this audit process is 90 days.
I have joined the training program. When I should work on Exam Application?2023-12-18T16:41:53+05:30

Technically you can submit your application only after getting the 35 contact hour certificate from us. Hence, we should wait for the 5th week of training, after that we will start this process.

  • If you already have contact hour certificate from any other Institute with you then you can start the application process anytime.
I am planning to enroll, What will be the best approach to get the best output from the training?2023-12-18T16:29:40+05:30

Our instructor Mr. Shriram Kumar is one of the world best class instructor with 20+ industry and teaching experience. He is Authorized Trainer of PMP course by PMI. For best results, just follow the Instructions of Mr. Shriram to target for your PMP Exam.

You can check his credentials and PMI – Athorization badge from this link: https://www.credly.com/users/shriram-kumar.aed5332b/badges

Our course is aligned as per Latest Exam Content Outline Issued by PMI.

How much we have to pay for the PMP Exam Application?2023-12-18T16:58:12+05:30

Exam Application is completely Free. Many people don’t submit application assuming that its Paid. However, its completely free hence right after the training, you all should submit the exam application immediately. PMI will review and approve the application within 5 Working days.

What are the mode of payment?2023-12-18T16:23:12+05:30

We accept payments from following modes:

  • Online Payment via Debit/Credit Card
  • UPI Payment – GPay, PhonePe, Paytm
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Purchase Order – Only for Corporates
  • Cash Payment at venue (Only applicable for Public Open-House Classroom Trainings)

Note: We do not accept cheque payment.

My Proctored Exam got Cancelled because of XYZ reason. What to do now?2023-12-18T17:13:48+05:30

Proctored Exam can get cancelled anytime because of any reason. Reason could be related with you or it could have no relation with you. Some of the common reason are mentioned here:

  • Reason related with you:
    • Your Internet fluctuated
    • Your Power fluctuated
    • You connected laptop from mobile wifi hotspot
    • You keep on doing lip syncing during exam
    • Any outside disturbance occur during exam like door bell ringing etc
  • Reason not related with you:
    • Exam doesn’t get start – only blank screen will appear even after the exam start time cross
    • Proctor doesn’t join
    • Application log you out with no reason
    • Proctor can not see you from webcam

What to do?

  • Be Calm, In 0 cases PMI have not given 2nd chance to customer.
  • Visit Customer care page of Pearson VUE
  • You can get the contact number to call or you can simply initiate the chat with them
  • They will generate a case and give you the case id
  • Send an email to Pvapcustomerservice@pearson.com with case id and a short description of why your exam got cancelled.
  • Within 24 hours, you will get the option in your PMI-Dashboard to reschedule the PMP Exam.
How much is PMP Exam Fee and when I have to pay this fee to PMI?2023-12-18T17:01:19+05:30

PMP Exam fee for Non-Indians is 544 USD and for Indians is INR 39,091.

  • This fee is inclusive of Tax (GST for Indians) and 1 Year of PMI membership.

From the day your application gets approved to next 365 days is the window within which you can pay the exam fee anytime.

  • If you wish then you can fix/schedule your exam date immediately or later anytime after making the payment within the window of 365 days.
  • Exam Date can be selected within the window of 365 days based on the availability of the exam slot.
Does ShriLearning provide assistance in Job hunting. Or Interview tips and tricks?2023-12-18T17:17:14+05:30

We do have Elite WhatsApp Group for Certified professionals where you can join after your PMP.

  • Here, people help each other by posting job opportunities where you can immediately apply.

For Non-Certified Professionals we have LinkedIn Group, where you can join. Here also people post job where even non-certified professionals can apply.

  • We also conduct “Career Counseling & Leadership Psychology” session every quarter to keep our students motivated.
If I have any doubt after the training, how can I get them resolved?2023-12-18T16:26:44+05:30

Every week (Sunday), we conduct a special dedicated doubt clearing session for all the students from all the batch. Students can come and ask queries at that time.

Our dedicated support team gives a commitment to resolve all the doubts 24×7 over email or call however if the doubt is technical then we will get those doubts resolved from our instructors over email.

You can also directly contact Mr. Shriram to get the queries resolved however first you should ask him over whatsapp on his availability before calling him.

What is the Refund Policy?2023-12-21T09:42:37+05:30

Condition 1: If Participants Wrote PMP Exam after our training and fail and ask for refund:

100% Money Back on Training Fee:

  •  *If participant attempted and could not clear the exam within 60 days of last date of training.
  •  *Participant must get the go ahead from Mr. Shriram before writing the exam.

These 2 conditions should be met to become eligible for 100 Money Back on Training Fee.

Condition 2: If Participants did not wrote PMP Exam after our training and ask for refund:

ShriLearning will not be liable to pay any fee back to customer in case customer is asking for refund after enrolling and getting access of the study materials.

Only ShriLearning management will decide case by case basis on the amount of refund to issue to each customer. In no case, more than 50% refund will be approved by the management.

Why strict rule on Refund:

  • ShriLearning provide subscription option, students can pay once and attend any number of batch upto 1 year. Hence you can attend next batch with no extra cost.
  • ShriLearning courseware access is provided immediately after students enrollment. Since the content is digital hence its security is critical hence we charge non-refundable material cost of 50% fee amount.
Can I see the Exam Slots before making the payment for the exam?2023-12-18T17:10:41+05:30

Yes, you can.


  • This is the Pearsonvue link where you can see the exam slots or test center details.
  • In the right side you have to click on Seat Availability if you want to see the available slots.
  • In the right side you have to click on Find a Test Center to see nearby center from your location.
What are the things to consider while going for Center or Proctor based Exam?2023-12-18T17:12:25+05:30

Center Based Exam:

  • You have to bring one Government issued ID card in the Exam Center.
  • Name on the ID card should exactly match with the name on the PMP Exam Application.
  • Sample ID card are Passport, Driving License, PAN card, (Any card which is issued by government and have both signature and photo of yours)
  • You can consider Center Based Exam if you are living in metro city and you have Exam Center nearyby your home.

Proctored Based Exam:

  • You have to keep one Government issued ID card in the Exam room.
  • Name on the ID card should exactly match with the name on the PMP Exam Application.
  • Sample ID card are Passport, Driving License, PAN card, (Any card which is issued by government and have both signature and photo of yours)
  • You can consider Proctored Based Exam if you are living in non-metro city and you don’t have Exam Center nearyby your home.
  • You have to make sure power failure, internet failure, outside disturbance should not affect the exam. Otherwise they will cancel your exam.
Now I am PMP! How to renew the certificate?2023-12-18T17:15:38+05:30

Renew Your PMP Certificate:

  • To retain your PMP certification, the Project Management Institute (PMI) requires that you earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every 3 years. Per PMI requirements, you can earn PDUs in two ways: ‘Education’ and ‘Giving Back’.
  • Education
    (Minimum 35 out of 60 PDUs, Maximum 60 out of 60 PDUs)

      • 1 hour of educational engagement translates to 1 PDU. Here are 5 easy ways you can earn your Education PDUs:
    • Study books, articles and whitepapers
      Organizations and professionals often create blogs and articles as part of an authoritative industry presence.
    • Engage in scheduled informal discussion
      Suggest regularly scheduling sessions committed to sharing knowledge amongst employees and across departments. Actively combat the silo-ing of knowledge across project teams.
    • Participate in self-directed e-learning
      If you want a more flexible approach than a structured training course, make use of the abundance of educational materials, podcasts and webinars available online. www.udemy.com you can search and find many cheap online self learning courses to gain PDUs.
    • Attend organization meetings
      Networking opportunities often have an educational component. These could be found within your organization, or hosted by PMI and recommended third parties.
    • Take a training course
      You can attend a formal, instructor-led PMI online course. You can also look for training sessions that are part of in-person conferences. Many of these are free and others can be paid for by your employer. As long as the material is PMP-relevant, you can claim PDUs on them.

When earning Education PDUs, Remember that 35 is a minimum and you can earn all 60 PDUs from Education. This is easier for many PMPs.

  • Giving Back
    (Minimum 0 out of 60 PDUs, Maximum 25 out of 60 PDUs)

      • While some prefer to study for 60 hours every three years, many want to earn PDUs while they work. If this sounds like you, you can save up to 25 education hours with the ‘Giving Back’ category. Here are the easiest ways to do that:
    • Work as a Project Management Practitioner
      Give back to the industry by showing your capabilities as a project manager, demonstrating the benefits of becoming PMP certified.
    • Create Content for Learning Resources
      Earning PDUs is a great incentive for those who want to write articles or co-author a book.
    • Give a Presentation
      Research into opportunities to speak at a PMI event or a professional conference, or offer to give a presentation in your company about the work of your team.
    • Coach your Peers
      Coaching is not only a brilliant way to impart your knowledge, it develops fundamental communication and leadership skills.
    • Volunteer for PMI
      You can serve on the PMI Board of Directors, one of the six support committees for the Board of Directors, or through the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF).

You can’t renew a PMP certification just by doing your normal job as a project manager. You can earn a maximum of 8 PDUs for ‘Working as a Professional’. It’s your choice how you divide the remaining PDUs (up to 17) between creating knowledge and volunteering.

How can I see the schedule of the public open-house trainings in my location?2023-12-18T15:59:51+05:30

You can see all the public open-house training events here.

We update our training calendar every month for the next 3 months.

What is the minimum and maximum participants required for organizing an customized In-house classroom training for my organization?2019-12-28T16:46:21+05:30

Minimum: 8 Participants per Class (We can organize training with less than 8 participants as well however per participant cost will increase from our open house rates if the number of participants are less than 8. We recommend to go for In-house only if you have more than 8 participants for cost effectiveness.)

Maximum: 15 Participants per Class (To maintain the quality of the trainings, we generally ask client to keep the size of the batch to not more than 15 participants however we can conduct and have conducted multiple trainings in the past with more than 50 participants in a batch on special requests from client.)

How we can check if we are ready for the final exam?2023-12-18T17:07:39+05:30

After completeing the whole syllabus along with chapter wise questions. You have to attempt at least 5 Full Mocks and at least in 2 you should score above 70%.  Please note, after each mock, you have to share your score with Mr. Shriram to update him on your progress. Also, you have to analyze properly your all the mocks before you jump to another full mock. Based on your performance on Mocks, Mr. Shriram will give you the go ahead for the final exam.

Can we organize a customized corporate in-house classroom training in our organization specially for our own employees?2019-12-28T12:45:15+05:30

Yes, In such request, we can organize a conference call between our instructors and your team to understand exact requirements and then we can organize this training on requested date and time (considering our instructors availability on those dates).

Note: If the customization is more and our instructor have to work on creating content specially for customization then the customization charges will be added to the training delivery charges. Charges varies depending on the amount of customization from the client.

For how much time these online courses are accessible?2019-12-28T17:10:35+05:30

There is no limit of timeline. You can have the link with you and download it and keep it for future.

How to select Center Based or Proctor Based Exam?2023-12-18T17:09:42+05:30

While booking Exam date, the first step which they ask you is to select the mode of the exam.

  • Center Based or Proctored Based Exam.
  • Fees is same for both the modes.
  • There are more slots available for Proctored Exam as compared to Center Based Exam.
How many WhatsApp Group do I have to Join?2023-12-18T16:39:57+05:30

We have following WhatsApp groups which you should join:

  • Batch wise WhatsApp Group: (Extremely important) You should join the whatsapp group of your batch (link you will get in the Communication Board)
  • Daily Question Answer WhatsApp Group (Link You can get in the Communication Board) <== Optional but Important for daily question answer practice and remain updated
    • PMP WhatsApp Group
    • Agile WhatsApp Group
  • Exam Month Group: (Join that month whatsapp group where you are targeting to write the exam – so that Mr. Shriram can guide accordingly)
  • Elite Group: (This group is for PMP certified professionals so that we can help them in maintaining their certificate by gaining PDU and also help them in relevant job opportunities)
Can I reschedule dates of the training? I can’t attend on the dates for which I have enrolled.2023-12-18T16:05:34+05:30

Yes, up to 1 year you can attend any batch from us with no extra fee.

However, after 1 year, we will charge a minimal fee of 1000 Rs from student to ensure that student will take the class seriously.

Now since I know how to renew the certificate, what options do I have to gain PDU under Education?2023-12-18T17:16:35+05:30

Paid Options | Free Options

  • You can simply buy some online courses from udemy which will cost you max 9 USD/max 500 INR per course.
  • Total 60 PDU you can gain from Udemy at a cost of max 2000 INR.
  • Free PDU can be gained from website https://www.projectmanagement.com/

We recommend to renew the certificate while being the PMI member.

  • Renewal fee for PMI member is 60 USD.
  • Renewal fee for Non-PMI member is 150 USD.
Do you Provide Group Discount?2023-12-18T16:20:14+05:30

Group Discount: (On Top of 13174/- INR including GST)

    • If join in a group of 2-3 Participants: Each Person will get 1000 INR extra discount
    • If join in a group of 4-7 Participants: Each Person will get 2000 INR extra discount
    • If join in a group of 8+ Participants: Each Person will get 3000 INR extra discount
Do I have to Buy PMI Membership? Why should I buy it when I don’t need it?2023-12-18T17:05:45+05:30

Yes, when you are planing for PMP Exam. You should buy PMI membership also.

However, both PMP Exam and Membership you should buy together.

If you buy PMP Exam along with membership (while being a member), you will eventually pay less fee to PMI. Approx. 14000 INR discount. Hence, You Pay less to Get more. That’s why you should always buy membership when you buy PMP Exam.

I Just Started Preparation. Now, what are the steps to follow?2023-12-18T16:35:04+05:30

If you have just enrolled in the training program. Sessions are yet to get started. Then you should read the Instructions shared in the Courseware access Email.

  • You can read PMP Easy pdf (Link will be shared after registration)
  • Once the training will start then the recommended book to follow is RITA 11th edition.
  • The recommended process to follow is to first listen the training, then read the chapters from RITA 11, then attempt chapter wise questions from RITA 10/11 both, then attempt chapter wise questions from ShriLearning chapter wise mocks. Once you are done with all chapters of RITA then jump to full mock exams. The recommended percentage in full mock exam is above 70%.
  • Out of 5 minimum full mock attempts, Minimum 2 full mock, you should get above 70% then only you should go for Final Exam.
Do you have any Referral bonus?2023-12-18T16:07:38+05:30

Yes, for each individual, both the person who is giving reference and the person who is getting  referred will get 1000/1000 INR amount.

  • The referred person will get 1000 INR discount
  • The participant referring us will get 1000 INR Amazon Gift Voucher

Example: If anyone gives reference of 2 delegates then the person referring 2 delegates will get 2 Amazon Gift Vouchers worth 1000 INR each and the 2 delegates joining us will get 1000 INR discount each.

Note: This is only issued after referred participant enroll for the training.

Can we organize In-house/Customized Training in Live Virtual Online Training Mode as well?2019-12-28T16:49:11+05:30

Yes, In-fact this is the most preferred mode of training by many of our past clients as it gives flexibility to the participants to attend the training from any part of the world and hence most of the clients with offices in multiple locations prefer Instructor led live online mode of training in order to ensure all the participants can attend the training at the same time without making them travel to one location.

Also, added benefit is that you will get complete recording of the training session and hence anyone can take reference of the lecture by reviewing training recordings.

I just got a Congratulations Message in the screen after the exam. No one said anything to me. How to check If I cleared the Exam?2023-12-18T17:14:44+05:30

Don’t worry, You can immediately download the exam report. Just follow the steps here:

  • Open this website link of Pearson Vue
  • Scroll down and click on Sign-In Now (Its besides “Ready to check-in for Exam” text)
  • You will see the Dashboard – in the right side of that page, you have to click on “View Score Reports
  • Congratulations You Did It!


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