Why You Need To Consider POPM (Product Owner/Product Manager) SAFe Training?

Certified SAFe POPM will have the agility required to guide the transferral of value in the lean enterprise and also the tools, activities, and mechanics required to manage programs and backlogs.

Highly motivated with the desire to help the organizations will significantly enhance how they develop the products that will improve their customers’ lives and reap the advantages that are brought by SAFe.

Play a vital role in guiding the organizations through their journey in SAFe

SAFe POPM Certification enables you to guide and coach the organization to succeed in the disruptive marketplace and also empower them to enforce the Lean-Agile SAFe adaption.

How can the POPM benefit the organization?

Figure out the needs of the customer
Understand the problem of the customer and socialize the insight for the product. Also, understand how the product will help the customer.

Figure out the needs of the business
Comprehend the strategic themes and associate how the product will fit within those strategic themes and aid the business objectives.

Understand the needs of the technology
Working with the system engineers or architects, they will understand the plausibility of the product, comprising any enabler work required.

Developing and communicating the vision and roadmap of the product
Communicating the vision continually in affiliation with the System Engineers or Architects.

Preparing for PI Planning
Working together in collaboration with System Engineers/Architects and lined up with strategic themes describing the vision of the Program.

Managing the backlog of the program
Prioritize the backlog of the program and manage the flow of the features through Program Kanban.

Assemble the vast Product Management Team
In ensuring the successful delivery of the product, the role of Product owners and managers is vital. Working jointly, the Product Owner and the Product Manager roles assure that the technology, customer, and business elements of the suggested product are clearly understood and communicated. Further, the vision is communicated with the direction and support provided to the teams.

Take part in the PI Planning
Working together with business owners, show the proposed features and the vision during the PI planning and direct the execution throughout.

Take part in the inspection and adapt to the workshop
Guide system demo to assure the key elements of the solution will be shown. Help the teams describe the cross-cutting issue(s) for the investigative workshop.

Is choosing to be a SAFe POPM worth it?
SAFe is the widely used framework. It keeps rising in demand due to the results of the business that organizations attain through their implementation.

Below are five major reasons why you need to consider

  1. POPM plays an important role in organizations by understanding the needs of the customers.
  2. Understand the interaction of the business, technology, and customer to communicate and define the vision of the product.
  3. Take your expertise and knowledge to the subsequent level.
  4. In-demand and internationally recognized certificate.
  5. Join the growing community of associate lifelong learners.

Hence, get certified today! Don’t wait.