Being project managers, you will have a lot on your plate already. There will be risks to plan and mitigate, budgets to plot for the year in advance, resources to organize and distribute, stakeholder meetings to organize and attend, and day-by-day tasks and operations to coordinate. It will start getting tense, mainly towards the end of the year.

Luckily, the rapid transition of artificial intelligence is making the function of project managers a lot simpler. You could be more well organized in your work, maintain track of milestones and deadlines of projects, be more convinced with your planning and decision-making, and get more innovative with the resources when you enhance your workflow by combining AI tools.

How to track down the useful AI tools for project management

Eventually, you want to ensure you are comfortable using an AI-powered project management tool. Many software and apps exist; however, not all will resonate or be appropriate for your kind of work. Hence, it would help if you started by determining what factors of your job need to be automated and what important features you need. You also need to evaluate the user’s experience primarily based on the evaluations of people who used it efficiently in project management.

And pricing is certainly an essential factor. Get software that suits your budget. However, it should be manageable and inexpensive, missing critical features like prompt customer support when required. The tool you choose need not be pricey. However, it has to strike stability and match easily into your workflow.

Below is the list of eight useful AI tools you could consider deploying on your day-to-day tasks as project managers:


It is a tool that allows project managers to manage their projects from implementation to completion. It will enable you to streamline the workflow and coordinate with your OKRs and teams better, bolstering your team’s productivity via its collaborative platform. Furthermore, it can facilitate better real-time communication, emphasizing the team’s health and setting up clear goals with collective project visibility. Subscription plan charges vary from $0 to $15, along with enterprise pricing, which is not disclosed.


It focuses on project management software, however, for software development. Hence, this is mainly suitable for technical project managers. Stepsize gives you intensive summaries of Kanban or sprint progress and activities and seamlessly integrates with Jira, Slack, and GitHub. Subscriptions start at $29 per month.


It is an all-in-one, well-known project management software. It has the potential to connect to about 2000 applications without intensive technical expertise, hence developing an integrated and fully automated workflow that will save you much time like an occupied project manager and lessen repetitive work. Subscription plan charges vary from $0 to $69 monthly, and then enterprise pricing.


Derrick Hathaway, director of sales at VEM medical, records a lesser-noticed characteristic of the project management software of Trello that assists him and the members of the teams in their task: Even as Trello itself isn’t discreet, the Butler Power-Up provides an effective AI-driven automation layer. They installed customized workflows that move cards automatically, assign duties, and send notifications primarily based on particular triggers. That has streamlined their project management and saved manual work hours, ensuring that the work progresses easily.” Subscription plans range from around $0 to $17.50. It may go beyond that, depending on how many users are on your team.

Kuki Chatbot

Samson Baxter, founder of Fursonafy, has observed that customer service is critical. Kuki gives AI-driven chatbots that will handle common queries, lead capturing, and even bookings, guaranteeing you’re continually responsive without being restrained to your desk. That will help you preserve high-performance levels and focus on finishing essential work.


It is another widespread software, primarily an all-in-one workspace since some users will refer to it. Notion enables content discovery, note-taking, and “automation that will streamline task flows, document outlines, database entries, and bug reports,” according to the website. It also permits integration with GitHub and Slack. Subscription plan per month ranges between $0 and $15, after which enterprise pricing.


Howard Goldman, a financial advisor, recommends Taskade for project management, collaboration, and task tracking. It also aids teams in staying organized, meeting the given deadlines, and rightly handling financial obligations and projects. It helps to keep organized and also on top of the game. Taskade AI has been powered by GPT-4. It consists of an AI workflow generator, AI summarizer, AI chat assistant, and other AI abilities.


It is the meeting booster app. Fellow optimizes productivity and could be tailored to take the meeting notes and then hold 1:1s. You could set agendas of meetings in advance and also track the effectiveness of the meeting. Subscription plan per month ranges between $0 and $15, after which enterprise pricing.

With the superabundance of many AI tools to reinforce your project management abilities, your stress can lessen at work, look ahead to more accurate predictions, evaluations, and suggestions, raise project team confidence, and, most significantly, attain better success rates with the project’s outcomes.