Prep materials for the PMP exam can cost several hundreds or even thousands of dollars, including online courses, subscriptions to study guides and mock exams.

Exam fees vary for non-members; however, PMI membership reduces this figure significantly.

Employers frequently offer professional development benefits that cover exam and training costs for employees. Furthermore, PMI members can obtain the PMBOK Guide at no cost.

PMP  Certification  Training Fees

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can be an excellent asset to your career; however, it may also be expensive. Before making this decision, carefully assess all costs involved – exam fees, training costs and membership in the Project Management Institute (PMI). By planning and budgeting strategically you can minimize its expense.

Training costs for the PMP exam can range anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, with courses typically being provided online or in person and providing structured approaches for studying for and passing the exam on your first attempt. Your company may even cover some or all of this cost – depending on their project management program!

As part of your preparation for the exam, it is necessary to read through the PMBOK Guide (digital versions are free while paper copies cost around $40). Furthermore, take some practice tests designed to gauge your knowledge on specific topics so as to pinpoint where improvement needs to occur.

As soon as you’ve passed the exam, to keep your certification current you’ll need to earn 60 professional development units every three years – this means submitting a renewal fee form and paying $150, though becoming a PMI member could save $60!

PMP Certification Exam Fee

The PMP exam can be costly. The cost will depend on whether or not you are already an existing member of PMI, taking it in computer-based format, or taking paper exams; additionally it depends on your training status.

The main cost associated with taking the PMP exam is its administration fee. For non-members this will cost $555; PMI members pay slightly less; this fee covers Prometric exam costs as well as one-time membership dues (from $129 for newcomers and $10 renewals).

If you want to pass the PMP exam, preparation must take priority. This can be accomplished either through attending a course or self-studying. Many companies provide PMP prep courses; although costly, they often deliver what is promised: creating a study plan as well as offering practice exams so you can become acquainted with taking it.

The PMBOK Guide, the main source for studying for the exam, can be obtained for free when becoming a PMI member; however, physical copies may be purchased for study purposes. There are also many practice tests and sample exams that are available both online and in bookstores that you may purchase separately; some of these may even be included as part of a training course program.

Membership Fee

People seeking certification as project management professionals often spend weeks or months preparing for the exam and paying for training courses that range between Rs10,000-50,000 depending on type and format (classroom/online). PMI members also pay reduced exam fees than non-members.

Membership of PMI provides numerous advantages, such as discounted exam fees and access to resources and materials at no cost. Members also receive digital copies of essential reference material such as PMBOK Guide which are essential resources when taking exams. Furthermore, members can purchase discounted books, multimedia guides and eLearning items through PMI.

PMP certification exams cost $555 each; PMI members can save $139 by paying membership dues first and prepaying their PMP exam fee instead. Furthermore, membership dues cover any re-examination costs which might become necessary if an exam attempt fails on its initial try. Though obtaining this credential can be expensive and time consuming, its return can lead to career advancement and recognition within project management fields as well as higher salary offers and job opportunities.

Renewal Fee

PMP holders must fulfill the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) set by the Project Management Institute to maintain their certification, earning and reporting 60 Professional Development Units every three years – this helps enhance your skills and knowledge, and it can be earned via education or giving back to the profession. PMI regularly audits its CCR system, so be sure to keep accurate records of any PDU-earning activities you undertake.

Cost to Renew PMP Certification with PMI Membership or Nonmember Status is $60 or $150 respectively, in addition to earning 60 PDUs over three years which must be reported via your PMI account.

Failure to earn enough PDUs could cause your PMP certification to be suspended, forcing you to retake the exam and pay renewal fees again. To prevent this happening, plan ahead and earn all PDUs before your CCR cycle ends; otherwise your certification could be suspended and require another year before it can be reapplied for. Visit ShriLearning Blogs to know more about PMP.