Project management refers to keeping several aspects paramount while considering the time taken to finish a project and also the different outcomes.

It might sound easy but most project managers would approve that it is not simple to manage a project even though they have gained a lot of knowledge in that field already.

Below I have given detailed information about the challenges faced by the project manager and the solution to deal with those challenges.

Challenge 1: Scope Creep

Scope creep is regarded as a natural phenomenon in any project. As the project manager, you may feel frustrated to work with those stakeholders who are unaware of their requirements or who are unclear about their objectives. As a result of this, you may have to deal with immense risks that can affect each factor of the project.


During the phase of planning, you can engage with the clients proactively to figure out their expectations and obtain their exact needs. You can plan your resource and talent usage. At the time of project execution, make sure that you are not taking up any extemporaneous change requests as it can add extra costs and cause delays. Stick to the initial plan of the project always.

Challenge 2: Lack of Communication

Taking up timely and transparent methods of communication helps in guaranteeing every stakeholder is entangled and involved in the process. Always remember that constructive communication is essential for a project to be successful.

However, miscommunication can impact your teamwork negatively. It can often cause disputes among the team members which might delay the process.


You can take up different collaborative and project management tools to keep all the members of the team updated. These tools provide transparency in projects and better responsibility within the team along with making keeping up with your duties easier. You can also arrange a regular stand-up meeting weekly several times to prevent miscommunication.

Challenge 3: Issues in Budgeting

The biggest challenge dealt with by most project managers is financial issues. If you guarantee efficient cost management, then you can avoid everyday complications and assure that the project will be finished by the given deadline.


You can enforce a strict structure of cost management to prevent delays and high costs. You can use the project scheduling tool because it helps you in making realistic assumptions in handling any overrun in the cost.

Challenge 4: Lack of Clear Goals and Success Criteria

Clarity is crucial for the success of any project. When you lack precise objectives, you will face various project management problems. Many projects fail due to the lack of clearly specified project plans and goals.

Also, the lack of clear goals can make standing up for the vision of the project in front of the upper management or the clients challenging for the project managers.


You can take up popular goal-setting strategies such as SMART and CLEAR to generate a set of realistic and effective goals from the beginning of the project. These strategies help in overcoming the barriers associated with the management of the project. Make the goals clear to your team members and document them.

Challenge 5: Inadequate Risk Management

You cannot foresee a single threat that impacts your project even though you have a good experience as the project manager. Also, you cannot predict the events that negatively impact your project even though you have a detailed plan for the project.


Make sure that you have alternative plans which your team can easily adapt when the project is out of control. You can develop the risk management system for your project before starting it. This helps you in determining the different risk types and how they can be mitigated.

Challenge 6: Inadequate Skills of the Team Members

The performance relies significantly on the members’ skill levels in the project management team. Yet, most project managers err in building an environment that suits the team best while the team members may not have the necessary skills. Hence, the project fails in the end.


It’s your duty to pre-determine the necessary project management skills and competencies. You also require to assess the subsisting workforce to understand whether you need extra staff and skill sets or not.

Likewise, you can develop a project initiation strategy that deals with the resources and needs of the project. The resources must comprise the required human skill aspect.

Challenge 7: Limited Engagement of Stakeholders

If the project has to be successful, then you need to confirm that all the stakeholders have a precise vision of the project and are of one mind. You should deal with multiple issues at the final stages of the project if they are not involved.


You need to consider the feedback of the stakeholders while keeping them updated throughout the project. Hence, to accomplish that, you can request them to use the tools of project management you use to let them participate actively in the progress of the project. You can even set up frequent meetings with the stakeholders to attend to their concerns.

Challenge 8: Lack of Accountability

If every member of the team doesn’t feel accountable and meets the roles assigned to them, then the whole team cannot serve well. The entire project will suffer if accountability lacks among the members of the team.


Assigning specific duties to every member of the team and leading them toward the common goal of the project is advisable. Also, you can utilize a project tool that can help you to assign those duties more effectively while enabling accountability.

Challenge 9: Unrealistic Deadlines

Unrealistic deadlines influence the final result severely. Some project managers may fail to define the capability of the team or do not emphasize the deadlines and tasks of the project.


You have to collect information from the team members and stakeholders on the time required to complete the tasks or review and consent to deliverables. This might be time-consuming but all your struggles pay off when your team starts obeying the realistic timeline.


Project management can become enjoyable, fulfilling, and easier if you recognize the challenges first as you can enact steps to overcome them. Hope that you manage the project next time, you can deal with these challenges readily when they arise.