A project is an undertaking that is designed carefully to accomplish a specific objective. An ongoing project might cease to function due to the issue in the leadership of the project manager along with two to three key positions in the team. But eliminating the manager from the project might cause commotions which can have a direct impact on the faith and satisfaction of the customers. So, replace the manager only if it’s an unavoidable criterion.

If the project client or the customer is demanding this modification, then you can try to refine the performance by following these five simple steps.

  • Assess The Situation With The Team And The Client: Try to fix the issue by analysing the situation internally. The PMO Director needs to talk to the project team regarding the projects’ status, customer concerns, and the issues with the leadership. Of course, this has to be done without making the project manager a part of the conversation. A project manager can only be a part of the discussion which involves their employment termination.
    If you think that the project and the customer are valuable and transforming the leadership is your only option, then review the plan with the client. If this change is requested by the client already, then having an internal meeting is useless because responding to client concerns is incredibly important in a project. Try not to hamper the client by getting the improper replacement.
  • Be Firm In Making The Decision: The no-go, go decision is already made in replacing the manager. Now, making a decision officially on the status of the employment of the manager who failed the project is necessary. The decision should be acted upon consequently but has to be kept quiet to sustain professionalism.
  • Find The Right Replacement: Once the previous manager has been relieved from his obligations, probably a business analyst might start managing the current project for 1-2 days in the intermission. The acceptable fit has to be found as soon as possible because postponing it further might cause additional costs. An issue might originate with the client if you miss the deadline.
  • Bring In The New Manager Without many disruptions: Allow the new manager to take over the project fully by settling on one or two meetings. Brief the new manager on the major issues and provide all the required documents such as project schedule, statement of work, resource forecast, budget or financial analysis etc. The new manager will get a precise picture of where the current project is standing right now.
  • Generally Documentation, resource management, reporting project status, budgeting of the few last projects will help the new project manager to learn about the project so that it can be energetically taken over.
  • Calling For An Input: Instead of seeking the right fit or the best person for the crisis, making the accessible warm person as the new PM is the decent alternative. You will have no other option especially if you are at the topmost position in the organisation and you can’t lose the client at any cost.

A project involves risks but it becomes thriving if all the criteria are determined carefully. A leader should have the ability to establish productive communication protocols in an organisational structure and should have a vision of being a role model.