Find Out The Best Eleven Chrome Extensions For Efficiency And Productivity

Remote work implies autonomy, freedom, and flexibility to describe work hours. Statistics prove 41.8% of the people in America are working remotely. These numbers are predicted to increase in the future years. Hence, the ever-increasing digits are evidence of the orderliness of remote work.

However, the vital point to observe is that when the members of the team continue to shift to remote sites from the office, the ever-present obstructions will affect the progress of their work. A survey made recently reported that 53.1% of interviewees felt that remote jobs had made it difficult for them to separate personal life and work.

Therefore, how can you enhance the efficiency of the work when working remotely? How is it possible to keep the performance in check? Are there any means to help to be on track?

The response to the above queries will be – chrome extensions for efficiency and productivity. Tons of chrome extensions can help you to be on track. With the help of these extensions, employees will be able to create their workflow, track the progress of their work, etc. Hence, they can manage and finish their work with more efficiency and better productivity.

The Eleven top chrome extensions for efficiency and productivity are narrowed down below. These extensions help you to:
● Avoid distractions
● Stay focused
● Manage time more proficiently

Let’s have a glance at the list required for productivity right away:

1. Zoom
2. Grammarly
3. Loom
4. Adblock Plus
5. Time Doctor
6. Todoist
7. LastPass
8. Save to Google Drive
9. Sticky Notes
10. StayFocused
11. Download Master

1. Zoom Scheduler
Zoom is one of the popular tools for connectivity and communication.

There are a few bonuses for remote work which make it appealing for employees. 61% of employees choose to work full-time remotely rather than working in the office. Yet, working from home will also indicate that it might not be possible for the Project Managers to interact with the members of their team.

Fortunately, Zoom has enhanced collaboration and communication with its unique aspects. It helps the teams to plan meetings, chat via texts, have video and audio calls, and much more. Zoom has been downloaded around 496 million times. Also, Zoom meetings of 3.3 million minutes take place annually.

Zoom Scheduler is downloaded around 8 million times as of now. Zoom Scheduler facilitates the process of video and audio calls by permitting you to schedule the meetings through Google Calendar directly.

It enables you to schedule a session for future use or start an instant meeting with one click. The attendees are notified regarding the meeting, and also the meeting details through the Google Calendar notification. Hence, the attendees can join the meeting with one click.

2. Grammarly
As a remote team member, you need to be cautious with your words. No one would like to embarrass themselves in front of the Project Manager or their colleagues with poorly constructed sentences and grammatical errors.

Grammarly Chrome extension will help you to steer clear of all such mistakes. The extension will detect mistakes in the writing and will suggest relevant modifications. The free version offers restricted features with only spelling and grammar checks, and the paid version has plagiarism detection, punctuation checks, and much more.

Also, adding the extension implies all your texts become clear, impressive, and error-free.

3. Loom
It is another chrome extension that is used for productivity. This tool is best suited for communication between the members of the team. The capacity to download and also share videos is the best feature delivered by Loom.

With Loom, one can record their video, voice, or face and share the file with their team members, client, etc. It is more time-efficient and much easier to clarify things over videos than to type long paragraphs forth and back.

Another attractive characteristic of Loom is – it embeds with Gmail, Slack, etc and hence you are not required to juggle between various tabs.

The recording characteristics assure you that you receive your message with no mistranslations. Loom will also let you edit videos before sharing them. It even allows you to check on who looked at your video and vice versa. It makes communication easier and faster.

4. Adblock Plus
YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms of social media are distractions for those who are working remotely. Along with these distractions consuming their time, employees should deal with interfering ads.

Adblock Plus prevents such ads from appearing on the screen and enables you to stay concentrated on your work. It enhances the experience of your chrome by:
● Blocking pop-ups
● Blocking bothersome banners and video ads
● Offering customizable features
● Blocking destructive malvertising that might be hidden in ads
● Stopping tracking to provide you with more privacy
● Fastening the browsing experience

With 10+ million users, it is the most accustomed ad-blocking chrome extension.

5. Time Doctor
Managing time is the most tricky thing when you work remotely. It will be difficult for employees to remain focused and also commit their time to work. Time Doctor acts as a means for time management that enhances your productivity by watching the work you do.

This app keeps track of your browsing and monitors the work you do as and when you start with your work. At regular intervals, Time Doctor takes screenshots so that the Project Managers can maintain track of your work.

It also can sync with other tools of management which can make your work simpler.

6. Todoist
This chrome extension helps you to manage tasks more efficiently. It helps you plan, organize, and also collaborate on tasks.

Todoist Chrome extension helps to:
● Add websites as the tasks: Add the blog post to the reading list and save the item to the wishlist. Add the work tasks to do the follow-up.
● Plan your day: Organize your tasks quickly for the day using the extension.
● Finish your tasks to be done from the browser: When the tasks are completed, check them without swapping contexts.

Todoist enhances your productivity by enabling you to stay organized.

7. LastPass
When you start working remotely, you need to log in and also log out constantly from tens of sites and apps. In addition to that, filling in the password manually every time you need to log in will be a real annoyance.

LastPass acts as a password manager by encrypting and then saving them on the device. This extension fills in passwords automatically and helps in saving your effort and time.

The top feature provided by LastPass is that it permits you to share your login details with other members of your team without revealing your actual password. It fills in passwords automatically for them. The option can be disabled when you have completed your work.

8. Save to Google Drive
It is the best extension that helps with productivity. File saving is usually a hassle. You need to save the file on your PC locally and later share it with Google Drive.

This extension makes your work easy by permitting you to save information directly in Google Drive. You can perform the following tasks by right-clicking on this extension:
● Instantly save HTML5 audio and video, images, and documents to Google Drive.
● Lets you open the saved file, and rename it. You can even view the file in the document list in Google Drive.
● Allows you to organize and also share the recently saved document which is in the document list.

Having 5 million users, it streamlines work by making it easy to save the content directly in Google Drive.

9. Sticky Notes
If you forget things easily or find it difficult to remember, then Sticky Notes is the best choice. It improves the productivity of individuals who are working remotely.

You can do the following things with the help of this extension:
● Create notes
● Format the text
● Add pictures
● Create backup files so that you will not lose any note
● Move the notes around your screen
● Customize the notes’ color
● Open emails or links with one click in your notes
● Set the font you choose
● Share notes online by clicking once
● Dictate notes using speech recognition

You can access the notes via mobile or any other personal device. This chrome extension helps you to save vital information easily. You can keep the data in sight or you can access it later depending on your requirement.

10. StayFocused
The major factor contributing to the lack of productivity is distractions. The distractions could be any social media apps such as online games, YouTube, etc. As the name implies, StayFocused helps you in staying focused while working.

It enhances productivity by restricting the time spent on different sites. It enables you to set a time limit to use these apps daily. Once the allotted time is completed, you won’t be able to access that site or app until the next day.

One of the best characteristics of this extension is that you can allow or block entire sites, specific paths, specific pages, and specific subdomains. You can also block precise in-page content (games, images, videos, forms, etc.).

11. Download Master
It lets you download a particular file or a group of files. This chrome extension uses HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS protocols to boost the downloading speed.

It can even categorize various files into distinct folders just by recognizing the file type it downloads.

Employees working remotely struggle often with options for downloading and spend more time identifying modes to download the files. With the help of this chrome extension, they can efficiently download a file and continue their work by not wasting time.


It might be tough to get adjusted to remote work, and maintaining the work-life balance might be even more difficult. The above extensions help you to adapt to the transitions which are occurring in your work surroundings.

Upgrade your Chrome by adding these extensions so that you can improve your focus, enhance your productivity, streamline your work, manage your work efficiently, and avoid distractions, all when you are working remotely.

Choose the chrome extension which is best for you to improve your efficiency and productivity and enhance your work progress.