A Project Manager’s communication skills highlight whether he/she can be a good leader or not. If you want to be good at project management, then you should have decent communication skills. Being a good speaker is a crucial aspect of project management. Your organizational accomplishment is measured by your techniques in using the precise words at a given point in time.

The seven influential phrases that should be adopted by Project Managers are spoken of below:

1. Allow me to share my personal experience with you: Use this phrase when you are demonstrating a point, upholding an argument, and fostering a lesson for life from which others can realize. It indicates that you are conveying your personal information to open up with the other members of the team.
Indeed you are asking for their time and permission to give attention to you before doing that. People are drawn towards your conversation when you share such private information. This phrase will help you to get fortunate out of an individual or a team when certain things are not taking place according to the project’s agenda.

2. Allow me to be fully transparent with you: Use this phrase when you are in a problem-solving session or when making a notable point with your colleagues or teams. It pulls the attention of the listeners by bringing them near to your conversation. It not only underlines that you are honest but also emphasizes that you are bringing about a strong point. It makes the listeners understand what you are letting out is very important.

3. What is your opinion? : Use this phrase during a meeting when there is a disagreement of interest among the members of the team and the other person’s opinion matters.
Today, businesses run on numbers and data. But, decisions are compelled on how one senses a specific thing.
When you use this phrase as a Project Manager, it implies plainly that the viewpoint of the other person matters and you are accepting the constructive critique. It also helps you check how the other person feels about it.

4. Can we try to adopt your idea?: Use this phrase when the members of your team come up with a suggestion and you think that it has to be enforced for your projects’ growth.
You need to even put in that it was his/her idea and will behold how it performs. It gives assurance to your team members that you are recognizing their idea and they have some level of say in the major decisions of the project lifecycle.

5. Would you consider the prospect of?: Use this phrase when you are asking for extra reserves or bringing in a valuable pitch with the customers, the stakeholders, and the members of your team. This phrase doesn’t sound like a demand. It sounds like a plea and allows the possibility of agreeing to your concern by the listener.

6. I’m unable to reply right now: Use this phrase when you are in a dilemma about the pivotal decision so that you can get some spare time to resolve it. It also proves that you don’t leap to conclusions straight away. When you use this phrase, it lets out that you don’t know every little thing and you will find the solution later.
Words like “right now” in fact act as a gate for you to return with an answer and indicate that you are not all-wise.

7. I would prefer to display my research: Use this phrase when you are convincing your point. Project Managers make powerful moves and use techniques to achieve what they anticipate. But such strategies leave an unpleasant impression. Instead, convince the listeners with legitimate information like numbers and data.
When you show them what you have researched, they will accept your research and you will also be able to convince them of your point.

Use these phrases to exhibit your leadership aspects. You should be able to actively pay attention and respond to others by putting up with one conversation at a period. Make sure that you have addressed the issue correctly. Nearly 90% of the role of Project Managers include communication. A project Manager’s leadership skills comprise further more than these straightforward terms.