A Project Manager is like a general who has to bear the accountability for any war’s outcome. And the paradigm of project management is similar to a warzone where the project managers should ensure that they are remaining organized and focused for a project to run well and also for their whole team.

The main thing you ought to realize is that holding all the members of the team for a project manager will not be an easy task. It will take plenty of agility to ensure that all the project development strategies are being carried out at a constant pace which results in the on-time completion of the project.

Hence, being systematized is everything.

Nevertheless, how can a project manager get himself systematized enough to supervise a team packed with developers and other people and bring the project concluded on time without any barriers?

In this article, you will find the six best tricks and tips that provide solutions to the above question by helping you understand how to organize a project management process within no time.

  • Use nTask as the tool for project management.
  • Delegate the tasks and allocate due dates to everyone.
  • Employ different methods of communication.
  • Set up OKRs and KPIs before working on the projects.
  • Define the scope of your project and construct a detailed plan for your project.
  • Review and align all of the tasks.

Let us try to understand every trick and tip to discover how we can organize the project management process efficiently without any barriers.

1. Use nTask as the tool for project management

Being a project manager, one thing you must do is to ensure that you are prepared with the best tool for project management that the sales place has to offer and that is nTask.

This application is a project management and task management tool that permits you to ensure that all of the processes and tasks are tracked and managed well without any problems or hurdles.

This application is furthermore a team management mechanism that helps you to govern all the members of your team about any process and task wherever they might be.

A few other features offered by this application are:

  • Timesheet management and time tracking to keep the tasks performed by the team members on track concerning the time spent by them on these tasks.
  • Real-time coalition on the tasks and the other commenting choices help the members of the team to collaborate evaluating the different project modules.
  • Issue tracking and risk management ensure that all the risks and scope creep are removed before they start impairing a project at any point.
  • Seamless integration with many different apps ensures that all your work is done without any hurdles from the single interface

2. Delegate the tasks and allocate due dates to everyone

As the project manager, one thing you must keep in mind is to ensure that the members of your team figure out what they are given as a part of the process of project development.

You have to ensure that your team members are provided with the proper familiarity about the tasks they perform and also you must assign due dates to them to finish the project with minimal or no issues at the given deadline.

Ways to manage the tasks with nTask

  • Create tasks and then assign those to the relevant members of the team.
  • Set up a proper deadline to make sure that a project is wrapped up on time.
  • Modify the tasks’ status as they are performed and finished by the members of the team.
  • Track the team members’ performance by checking the progress bar or status of each task.
  • Effortlessly spot bottlenecks or issues that cause delays in the execution of tasks.

3. Employ different methods of communication

Project management is dependent properly on the members of the team being in rightful communication within the team and also with their project managers.

This type of communication makes sure that everybody is in the exact phase regarding the processes and tasks at hand. Also, if there is any issue then everyone can get rid of it easily by joining hands.

To make communication impeccable, nTask recommends integrations with various third-party software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams so that the members of the team can contact their managers and colleagues easily and get their things done.

4. Set up OKRs and KPIs before working on the projects

Being a project manager, one thing you must ensure is that the OKRs and the objectives are pinpointed. It will ensure that the expectations are met by the project and everything gets done effortlessly.

This information has to be shared with the team so they will understand how milestones are achieved and success is measured.

Below are some doable KPIs that can be tracked as a part of the process of project development:

  • Percentage of all the distinct deadlines that are met successfully by a project development team.
  • A budget that will be used up in the process of project development.
  • All of those milestones that will be completed on time and the delays that resulted in malfunctioning so you get proper input about them and hence you don’t repeat the same error in the future.
  • Also, you should keep a track of the average cost that your company faces per hour.

5. Define the scope of your project and construct a detailed plan for your project

We understand that the management of the project is vital and it begins with the process of planning. As the project manager, you have to decide on the finite and measurable future so that you will be able to guide the project management process on the path to success.

You should have a plan for every stage of the project by breaking it down into smaller digestible components that can be easily carried out. Otherwise, the process can become quite overwhelming.

Below are a few items that can be included in your project plan:

  • You can split the priority of various parts of the process of project development. This helps you to ensure that everyone in the team knows what has to be done by them first and what has to be accomplished at the end for the maximum generation of value.
  • You have to set a budget for the various processes and parts of the project. It helps to ensure that the money isn’t strained on a particular module and all the processes of the project are finished within the budget.
  • You should also lay out the timeline of the project to make sure that the team members of the project know what has to be done by them and when it has to be done. This helps you in being organized and deal with all the resource management accountabilities.
  • You also have to set schedule check-ins and milestones so that when the milestones are finished and objectives are met, the members of the team come together in what so ever capacity and bring up to date the remaining team members.

6. Review and align all of the tasks

Creating the roadmap of the project with different whistles and bells is remarkable, but you have to ensure that the team members of the project using this roadmap, or else, there won’t be any point in developing one and also wasting your precious time.

You should make yourself free to have a glance at the plan frequently and see what should be done by the members of the team, what has to be accomplished by the team, and what tasks need a status improvement by them. When you glance at all these items together, you will get a clear vision of where a project is heading and how it’s going to reach there.


These were the six best tricks an d tips that can be used to categorize your entire process of project management.