Getting your PMP certification helps you to achieve success in projects as it improves your management skills. Receiving a certification independently is not an easy task. Switching between your social life, family, career, and also financial restrictions may stop you from accomplishing it.

Under such circumstances, your only mode of assistance is your manager from the organisation.

Below are some tips to convince your manager to make payment for your certification:

  1. Illustrate to Your Manager About The Benefits He Receives: Try to make your manager realize that the certification is in his best interests. Once you are certified, you will bestow more to the project. Consequently, you will save a lot of money and time. PMP certification also helps you to memorize the tried-and-tested techniques.
    A body of knowledge has been formulated by the prominent project managers which can also be acquired through the certification.
  2. You Will Knowledge The Clear Picture Of The Project: The tried-and-tested strategies which are taught in PMP certification will bring more clarity to the projects. This helps you to efficiently manage the projects which in turn increases the confidence of the stakeholders. The sooner you clear the PMP exams, the better you will be in embracing the project management methodologies.
  3. Certification Is Valued By The Clients: Make your manager see the clear and bigger picture by pointing out the shortcoming of not having a certification, specifically when you want to retain the relationship with your key clients. If you are aiming for large projects in future, then it is necessary to have a certification to show off your diploma to the clients.
  4. Reinforce Your Base For Training: If you have decided to upgrade your job performance, then you should be able to build a case required to get the training. Make your manager think that you have done a lot of exploration about the courses available and later you have agreed on to carry out the coaching.
  5. Find The Right Time To Discuss: Make sure that you give rise to your topic for qualifying only when your manager can give you all his intuition. Raise your proposal when the budget for your team’s training is disclosed. An alternative way is to place your request when the budget for your training is about to terminate.
    You could also raise the topic when the organisation evaluates your performance. This is the most convenient time for you to address it as you can talk over how the training would help you to expand your performance.
    Another best way to reach your manager is in between projects. You can describe better to your manager the drawbacks you had in the earlier project, and also about how the certification would help you grasp useful procedures in the next project.
    You can even draft an appealing e-mail to your manager demonstrating the need for certification and later you can approach him in person. You get more time to convince your boss if you use this route of negotiation.
  6. Choose The Quality Training: Always select the boot camp style or intensive training ways. These ways will help the students to become skilled and certified without wasting much of their office time. If you spend most of your time outside the office campus, then it’s obvious that you will be spending less time on the progressing projects. As a result, it will have a bad impact on the organisation in the long run.
    Having yourself trained over weekends is the best way to reduce this variance. It can also highlight your obligation to improve your management skills.
    Try to compute your overall cost and plan your bill accordingly so that it becomes clearer for the manager to understand the expenditure.
  7. Take Your Team Into Consideration: If you find that your team members are also enthusiastic about receiving the training, then consider them along with you. The company will profit if the entire crew has the certification. The training will also become inexpensive if the entire team is trained at once either by private or by on-site training.
  8. Get The Certification Without Laying A Week Off From The Work: If you are looking to obtain the certification quickly, then you will find several providers who train you to attain it at your desired time.

Don’t wait for the “perfect moment” because it never arrives. Go forth and do it now. Tighten up your funds to receive the certification by choosing one of these simple steps. You have the
ability, motivation, and attitude to procure it.