When we log in to the Project Management software, we don’t find the simplicity that exists in other areas of software. Below I have shared certain things that we need from the tools of project management in 2023:

1. Provide us with more data:

Projects generate large proportions of data. We will have forecasts and real timesheets, budgets, dates, databases of lessons read up, issues, risks, and changes.

Yet, what we have understood is what we remember and learned from the experience. Digging into historical data of the project and presenting relevant information is difficult. Artificial intelligence and big data features have to make it simpler.

We would wish to have PM software that can make it simple to provide data-driven outcomes based on appropriate corporate knowledge – the type of knowledge that takes off when a project manager who is experienced takes a job elsewhere.

We should capture and demonstrate it to project managers who join so the company understands and adapts for the more profitable delivery of the project.

2. Make it useable

A six-year-old kid can give instructions to Alexa and we expect a similar level of usability with the tools of project management. Tools that function without a vast learning curve.

What we perform is complicated. The menu options and the icons on the enterprise tool indicate that. We need all these features but we also need mobile apps, usability, integrations with the different tools, contextual help, and voice commands for when we are unable to understand what has to be done next.

We want the feature for our use so that we can effectively do our job, and also an easy interface for the stakeholders to watch the overall status.

3. Give us time

Project managers need to get some time to spend with the members who are important to the project instead of sitting in front of the computers all day.

Leadership and culture make a business successful. We can’t automate motivating a team or stakeholder engagement. Project managers must spend time on those things which drive prosperous delivery and this isn’t entering the data into the software.

Hours of the project time could be saved with the software that can support the teams of the project by automating the things which can be automated. It helps us in making the proper decision and surfacing input when needed.

The tech subsists out there to run the tools of project management on bounds and leaps. Generally, we can see the advancements in consumer products such as Alexa before these developments make it into an average workplace.

It won’t be very long before we notice some outstanding Al initiatives carving their route into the project management tools that we use in project delivery – because as the project environments become more complex and complicated, we could do time-saving.